Tuesday , 11 May 2021
Bonnyville Museum.

Friendship Centre, Museum putting on Mistikwaskihk Day

The Bonnyville Museum is partnering with the Bonnyville Native Friendship Centre to celebrate Mistikwaskihk Day, or “drummer day” in Cree, with free events and refreshments.

This will be the first time the museum has partnered with the Centre for the event in an effort to be more involved in the community and increase public interest.

Events include an oral history on the tipi and it’s place within the culture of Aboriginal peoples provided by Melvin John, a Kehewin First Nations elder, as well as Indigenous teachings provided by Two Bear which will include traditional medicines and smudging, and traditional drum making lessons provided by Jackson Tahuka, for which there are only 15 spaces available.

The event will take place Tuesday, August 11 and to celebrate, the museum will have free admission for the whole day, while the Mistikwaskihk festivities will begin at 1:00pm with AHS regulations in place — masks will be required to attend the event, and will be given out to anyone who doesn’t have one.

There will be a maximum limit of 200 attendees to allow for six feet of social distancing, with hand sanitizer and 30 hand washing stations offered throughout the building.

The event will begin winding down around 4pm.

To register for one of the activities at the event call the Bonnyville Native Friendship Centre at 780-826-3374, or send an email to [email protected]

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