Thursday , 13 May 2021

Vermilion residents encouraged to stay safe on the water

Water safety is being highlighted all week in Vermilion.

Residents are being encouraged to take precautions to prevent possible drowning.

Mayor, Caroline McAuley, issued a proclamation recognizing National Drowning Prevention Week which is ongoing until July 25.

The Lifesaving Society (LS) said that approximately 400 drownings occur every year in Canada, and that most of them are preventable.

“I think it’s very relevant. We’ve even had members of our community lose their lives to drowning,” said McAuley.

LS said that 79 per cent of drowning victims are male and that of those, nine out of 10 are 20 – 34 years old.

From 2012 – 2016, 69 per cent of water-related fatalities occurred in lakes, ponds, and rivers with boating and swimming being the most common activities reported at the time.

There are often no lifeguards in these natural settings, and St. John Ambulance says people should look out for each other when near the water.

They said fatigue can occur after spending time in the sun, and to keep in mind that 40 per cent of Canada’s drowning fatalities from recreational boating are alcohol-related.

They state that 70 per cent of boating incidents could be avoided with proper training.

People can avoid challenges by being mindful of the weather.

Dark clouds, strong winds, and sudden temperature drops are all signs to avoid.

LS recommends supervising children, not participating in aquatic activities while intoxicated, and always wearing life jackets or personal flotation devices while boating.

Another way to avoid tragedy is to know what to look for when a person is drowning.

Their head may appear low and partly submerged, their eyes may be closed or glassy, they may be kicking their legs but are making no headway, and their hair might be covering their eyes.

Less obvious signs may include being unusually quiet, or unable to wave and call for help – meaning they may not seem to be in distress at all.

They suggest checking in regularly with those around you.

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