Tuesday , 3 August 2021

Radar Road replacement, drainage work begins

A project to replace the road to the Cold Lake Museums will also allow for the facilities’ infrastructure to be upgraded, the City said on Thursday.

A neighbourhood’s drainage concerns will be addressed, and will pave the way for future development.

Work has begun to replace the lower stretch of 69 Avenue leading to the Cold Lake Museums and the Cold Lake Mountain Bike Park.

The long-standing request to rebuild the road will take place at the same time as the museums’ water line is replaced and up-sized.

The water line upgrade will also allow for future developments in the area to be serviced.

Finally, drainage improvements will be made that will help to alleviate storm-water concerns in the Tri-City Estates area.

“Thanks to our staff’s forward-thinking approach we are able to tackle a number of issues at once, and use tax dollars as efficiently as possible so that infrastructure is installed in a coordinated manner,” Mayor Craig Copeland said.

“Any one of these projects would have a significant and positive impact on the area, but being able to tackle them all at once allows for cost savings through efficiencies and the proper staging of the project phases, minimizing the chance that newly built infrastructure will be disturbed by future projects.”

The projects are funded through the 2019 capital budget with top-up funding in the 2020 capital budget to allow all of the required work to occur in the proper stages.

The total cost of the projects is approximately $1.2 million. In 2019, a mill-and-overlay of a portion of Radar Road was completed that will not be affected by the current projects.


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