Tuesday , 29 September 2020

Peace officers focusing on impaired driving

For the month of July, Lac La Biche County Peace Officers will be focusing on impaired driving.

According to Statistics Canada, the majority of people who drink and drive are repeat offenders.

“In 2014, about 4 per cent of drivers in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Yukon and Nunavut reported driving in the previous 12 months after consuming at least two drinks in the hour before driving. More than three-quarters of them said they had done so more than once in the year.”

Furthermore, the drivers who did drink and drive repeatedly made up 97% of drinking and driving incidents.

“We will be out doing more patrols, and if we come across impaired drivers we will be dealing with them accordingly, whether that’s a 24-hour hold and turn over or to the RCMP to go into custody,” said Chris Clark, manager of enforcement services.

The peace officers will also be paying attention to off-highway vehicles, and monitoring vehicles speed while going through construction zones, in July as well.

“We have a lot of pedestrians expressing concerns with off-highway vehicle traffic. So people using quads, side-by-sides, dirt bikes in residential areas and not following our by-laws we have in place,” said Clark.

Clark also wants to warn Lac La Biche residents that speeding while driving through a construction zone is double the fine.

For example, Clark says he usually catches people going 25kms or more over the speed limit, if someone is caught going 25kms over while going through a construction zone the fine would be $424, instead of $212.

“We want to make sure people slow down while going through those construction zones and reduce their speed to help keep construction workers safe,” said Clark.

If residents have any concerns, they are encouraged to call the Lac La Biche County Peace Officer support line at 780-623-6767.

About Bianca Mazziotti

Bianca Mazziotti is a York University graduate with a Professional Writing degree, who found a passion in reporting. She was fortunate enough to get a reporting job in the beautiful hamlet of Lac La Biche, and she has loved learning about the town and the people in it.