Thursday , 21 October 2021
St. Paul Education Regional Division building.

EPOS staying put for the immediate future

Horizons Outreach school in St. Paul will remain closed

Despite being scheduled for closure earlier in the year, the Elk Point Outreach School (EPOS) will remain open and at its current location for the next two years.

The school was originally going to be relocated into the F.G. Miller Jr./Sr. High School following a recommendation by SPERD superintendent Glen Brodziak in light of provincial funding model changes.

“The issue surrounding keep EPOS open was one of whether or not secure funding was in place,” said SPERD board chair Heather Starosielski.

“When we first addressed the issue it wasn’t, but we decided to look at it again because there was tremendous show of support from the community to keep it open.”

The money needed to keep the school open comes from the Town of Elk Point as well as the Chamber of Commerce, who have both pledged $5000.

Additional assistance came from the Elks Lodge, which waived the school’s $12,000 per year rent.

Credit was given to Trustee Lorne Young for his work in advocating for the school’s continued presence and working with other organizations to keep the doors open at EPOS.

It will cost $39,000 for EPOS to remain open, but once at the end of end two years chances are the facility will be closed for good.

“If you have space available, you should use it,” said Brodziak on relocating to F.G. Miller. “This is taxpayer money, and we have an obligation to spend it wisely.”

According to Brodziak if anything significant changes between now and the scheduled end-date then the issue will be re-discussed, and that student numbers will be factored into the decision of whether or not to move EPOS into F.G. Miller.

Brodziak thanked the community for stepping up in support of EPOS.

Horizons Outreach school in St. Paul will remain closed.

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