Saturday , 27 November 2021
Kehewin Lake

Kehewin campground reopens after Parks shutdown

Despite getting the axe earlier this year, Kehewin campground has reopened.

The campground, located 36 kilometres south of Bonnyville on Highway 41 on the east side of the lake adjacent to the highway, has its 34 lots open for rent.

Facilities such as the boat launch, playgrounds, and fish cleaning tables are open for use, but at the risk for campers.

The campground’s bathrooms will also be open, with plans for them to be cleaned three times a day on weekends.

The reasons for the park’s original closure is attributed to the provincial government’s efforts to save money during the onset of COVID-19 and 2020 Budget.

However, since the province began relaxing restrictions earlier this month the campground was able to open its gates again.

Lots in the Kehewin campground can be rented for $26 a night, and are unserviced exclusively.

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