Sunday , 25 July 2021

Cold Lake First Nations hosting drive-in movie night tonight

Cold Lake First Nations will be partnering with Tri-Rez Oil and gas to host a drive-in movie event Tuesday night in the Casino Dene parking lot.

Doors will open at 8:30pm while the show will get started around 9:00pm.

The movie night comes in the wake of summer events getting cancelled for the whole of the season, including Cold Lake’s Canada Day parade and fireworks.

“We’re trying to do something for the community, since we’re not having a Treaty Days celebration this year,” said Tri-Rez CEO Maria Metchewais.

“A lot of kids have never seen a drive-in, so I thought that some unique like this would be a lot of fun for them.”

The Nation and Tri-Rez will be showing a double feature with Trolls: World Tour with Anna Kendrick followed by The Call of the Wild with Harrison Ford.

The event is being described as a family friendly affair, and each vehicle will get a free bag of popcorn, while drugs and alcohol will be strictly prohibited by the casino’s head of security.

There will also be a special guest at the event, which organizers are keeping a secret.

Social distancing guidelines will be enforced.


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