Sunday , 25 July 2021
Lise Warawa, the Senior Advisor at Cenovus Energy Inc (left) with Arlene Hrynyk, the Northern Lights School Division Chair (right)

Residents take advantage of free tree seedlings in Lac La Biche

Lise Warawa, senior advisor, community and Indigenous Affairs for Cenovus Energy, left, and Arlene Hrynyk, Northern Lights School Division Chair, right, pose with their tree seedlings. 

Lac La Biche County announced Wednesday they are officially all out of the 4,000 tree seedlings that were donated to their seedlings-for-sale program by Cenovus Energy.

The seedlings were donated on Monday and were available for residents to pick up for free.

The new additions consisted of Black Spruce and Jack Pine seedlings that are not usually offered in their seedlings-for-sale program.

The County posted on Facebook that they don’t have any Black Spruce or Jack Pine seedlings left, as they seemed to have been a popular add-on to what the seedlings-for-sale program regularly offers. They are also sold out of the Kerr Crab Apple, Scots Pine, and Tower Poplar seedlings, as well.

There is still currently Aurora and Borealis Haskap, Blue Spruce, and Sensation Lilac trees available for pick up.

Residents can fill out the 2020 Tree Seedling Order Form, or call 780-623-6739 to place their seedling order.

Cenovus giving back

Cenovus gave the County as well as other Lakeland municipalities, Alberta Parks, and schools seedlings because their 2020 tree planting program was cancelled due to COVID-19.

In total, Cenovus donated 80,000 seedlings.

Northern Lights Public Schools received over 10,000 tree seedlings, Alberta Parks received 15,250 tree seedlings to help reforest areas such as Moose Lake near Bonnyville that have been damaged due to wind or fire, and Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement was given the most tree seedlings with 26,050.

The Town of Bonnyville received 10,410 seedlings and the M.D. of Bonnyville got 10,370 seedlings.

Each 2020 graduate from Lakeland Catholic School District also received two tree seedlings.

On behalf of Cenovus Energy Inc, Lise Warawa, the Senior Advisor for Cenovus, says they were happy to have the opportunity to give back.

“Cenovus values the relationships we have with our surrounding communities. As part of our land restoration activities, we had surplus trees this year and felt donating them was a wonderful way to give back to local residents,” said Warawa.

“We’ll have more trees in the ground that will put smiles on people’s faces during these difficult times. My hope is that folks will look at their growing evergreens, viewing them as a symbol of strength and growth, remembering 2020 in a positive way.”

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