Sunday , 25 July 2021

MOULY: Now more than ever, take care of your mental health

The limiting factors following COVID-19 majorly impacted families around the world and the many changes continue to impact everyone’s mental health.

Accepting change in general is a major challenge for most people.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), 58 per cent of Canadians report overload in their lives from a combination of work, home and family, friends, physical health, volunteer and community service roles. 

Nearly every Alberta family has experienced major adjustments this year: some from job loss, others with children at home more regularly, and some with the new found inability to access senior relatives.

Premier Jason Kenney announced that Alberta would boost mental health funding by $53 million as the pandemic “takes its toll.” As nice as the thought is that people could perhaps access services a little easier with a little less financial burden, I urge everyone to take ownership of their mental health. 

Set time aside to evaluate your feelings and well-being. Note areas that could use improvement and ways to get there. If you think there is nothing wrong, just remember how many stores were forced to put purchase limits on toilet paper this year. 

For myself, work-life balance has long been an issue. The CMHA separates healthy stress as a motivator, from unhealthy stress as that which is harmful to one’s health.  

They suggest that a person may be out of balance if they feel like they’ve lost control of their life, if they feel guilty about neglecting different roles, if they frequently find it difficult to concentrate, or are always tired.

I admittedly struggle with all of the above, but positivity comes from being proactive. 

I have also taken measures this year to improve my finances, find a creative hobby, and be willing to try something new. If I’m being brutally honest, I‘m not totally convinced that my new found indoor plant obsession started as a healthy venture. All I know is that the after effect brings so much joy it’s really kind of ridiculous. 

Whether it be recent changes as a result of COVID-19, or any of the unexpected things that can work against us in life, I am confident in the resiliency of those around me, throughout the Lakeland, and the world. I encourage all of you to breathe when needed, and let go of whatever stresses you are able to.

For more information you can visit cmha.ca, or if you are experiencing crisis, you are encouraged to call 1-833-456-4566 toll free. 

About Angela Mouly

Angela comes to Lakeland Connect after leaving traditional newspaper where she spent the past four years reporting on community events. Her repertoire includes writing about history, politics, agriculture, sports, entertainment and art. She was the third place recipient of an AWNA General Excellence Award for “Best Front Page” during their 2016 Better Newspaper Competition. Angela has lived in rural Alberta all her life and in Vermilion for the past 15 years. She looks forward to continuing to serve and inform the Lakeland community by joining in people's many adventures and sharing their stories.