Thursday , 5 August 2021

Holy Cross Elementary says good-bye to Grade 6 class

Holy Cross Elementary School held a parade on Wednesday to bid farewell to its graduating sixth-grade class in spite of COVID-19 hurdles.

The celebration consisted of the students receiving a completion certificate on Monday along with a photo, and a few days later driving past the school with their parents while teachers waved good-bye to the students.

They then made their way to Assumption Junior-Senior High where they were greeted by their new teachers.

“We felt it was important we find a way to work around the regulations so we could do something for the students,” said Megan Kaminski, teacher at Holy Cross.

“Every Grade 6 class has had a farewell in the past, so we were determined to give one to this class.”

Typically the school would host a celebration in its gymnasium for the graduating class which would include having students recall a fond memory and receiving a red dog tag to remember their time at the school — the dog tags tying back to the school’s mascot, a coyote.

“We’re still keeping the well wishes and the spirit of saying good luck when they go to Assumption,” said Kaminski.

Studies are expected to return to the classroom come this fall, though parents and students will need to wait till Aug. 1 to know for sure.

Cold Lake Elementary School also held a similar parade.

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