Thursday , 5 August 2021

Lac La Biche flood updates on June 10

Updates from the last 24 hours on the flooding in Lac La Biche.

1:30 pm today:

Residents have been removing traffic and detour signs from roadways. The County asks the signs not be removed as they are there for everyone’s safety.

9:00 am today:

Anyone that has damaged property due to flooding is asked to fill out a questionnaire so the County can collect information on how much the flooding has impacted the community.

Damages can include flooded basements, fields and pastures underwater, or driveways that have been affected.

This can also include any items or valuables that have been damaged from the flood.

5:30 am today:

It’s been reported that heavy traffic is taking the reinforced bridge on Nashim Drive. The bridge is not meant to support the weight and will need to be repaired again if heavy traffic continues to use it. The County is saying that any traffic over 6,000 kg has to take the detour route provided on Highway 663.

Any vehicles that are seen using Nashim Drive’s bridge over 6,000 kg will be faced with a large fine.

8:00 pm, June 9:

Old Conklin Road from KM 7 to the County boundary went under a mandatory evacuation order because of flooding and possible bridge washouts.

7:00 pm, June 9:

Range Road 144A and Range Road 155 are both now closed because of washout.

2:00 pm, June 9:

The Nashim Drive bridge is safe for light traffic. Any traffic over 4,500 kg must follow the detour route provided by the County.

“All commercial traffic larger than 4,500 kg (vehicles larger than an ambulance) travelling east to the hamlet of Lac La Biche on Highway 55 (west of the hamlet of Plamondon) must detour onto Highway 63 south and travel towards Boyle.

Then, traffic will take Highway 663 east, and turn south onto Range Road 150 (Christy Creek Road). Follow this road to Highway 36, at which time you’ll turn north onto Highway 36 towards the hamlet of Lac La Biche.”


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