Saturday , 12 June 2021

Flooding on Highway 36 causes road closure

Flooding in Lac La Biche from over the weekend.

Rising water levels have washed out Highway 36 and the road is closed in both directions from Highway 28 and Highway 55 as of Monday night.

The highway closed from flooding at 8:30pm on Monday night.

Highway 36 is open, however, from the hamlet of Lac La Biche to the intersection of Highway 55 east.

The County Lac La Biche said at roughly 10:00pm on Monday night that residents can use Christy Creek Road (Township Road 653/Range Road 150) to move between Highways 36 and 663.

Alberta Transportation has also closed Highway 881 at both the Big Bay Corner and kilometre 126 north of Heart Lake.

Commercial traffic travelling north that have not yet reached Big Bay Corner should stage at the weigh scale south of Lakeland Drive. Commercial traffic travelling south should stage at the Highway 881 and 858 pullout.

Alberta Transportation recommends commercial traffic does not travel north on Highway 858 due to the fluctuating flood conditions.

However, residential and lighter traffic can take a detour past the Beaver Lake Landfill towards Touchwood Lake onto Highway 881, provided you have an essential reason for travelling in this direction, such as accessing your home, they said.

Any commercial traffic north of kilometre 126 on Highway 881 needs to stage in Conklin.

Any traffic north of the Big Bay Corner and south of kilometre 126 must stage in place if their final destination is beyond those points.

County of St. Paul

The County of St. Paul has closed the following roads due to washout and will alert the public when repairs are completed.

  • Township Road 570A between Range Road 72 and 73
  • Township Road 582 west of Range Road 50 (Moosehills Road)
  • Township Road 571A between Range Road 104 and 105

The M.D. of Bonnyville

The M.D. of Bonnyville said this morning that Township Roads 615A in Fort Kent while unspecified road(s) on the southside of Muriel Lake are also washed out.

Township Road 485 has also been washed out.

Roads being monitored at this time include Township Roads 603 in Fort Kent, 434 and 433 towards Alexander, roads to the east and west of Beaverdam and unspecified roads in the Fountain Lake are may also be affected.

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