Thursday , 5 August 2021

Potential power outages in Lac La Biche and surrounding areas

If the flooding wasn’t enough, the County warned that there may be power outages throughout Alberta including the Lac La Biche region on Sunday evening. 

This could mean the lift stations in Lac La Biche may be without power which may result in flooded basements, sewer backups, and water damage to low-lying rooms in your home. 

The areas that are suspected to be the most affected are Sunset Bay, Keywaytin, Green Banks, Churchill Gates, Summit Heights, Deer Meadows, and Lakeview Estates. 

Protect your valuable belongings by storing them in safer areas in your home, and try to limit non-essential water use. 

Contact the Flooding Information Line at (780) 623-6393, if you have any questions or are experiencing sewer backups or flooding related problems. County staff will also be visiting residents homes that are in the most at-risk areas to make sure everyone has this information.


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