Wednesday , 28 July 2021

Flooding causing road closures in Lac La Biche

The bypass route from Highway 55 to Highway 36 is blocked off from access.

As roads begin to flood due to heavy rainfall, the County of Lac La Biche and local Peace Officers have home and safety warnings for Lac La Biche residents.

The rain is not supposed to let up until next Wednesday, so the County has some suggestions for residents to keep their home safe from flooding. 

In a statement released on the Lac La Biche County’s Facebook page on Thursday, they advised residents to prepare for the worst-case scenario. 

“If possible, we recommend removing valuables from basements and other spots vulnerable to flooding. Reducing your consumption of water as much as possible will also help the treatment plant keep up,” they said.

Alberta Transportation closed down Highway 55 so a semi-permanent bridge can be built to help the flow of traffic as they pump out the water that has accumulated on the road.

While Highway 55 is blocked off, there is a detour on Nashim Drive.

The Municipality’s Enforcement Services Supervisor, Chris Clark, wants to make sure people stay proactive during the flooding and to not drive on flooded roads. 

“The road surface can be compromised on roadways that are flooded or have water on them,” said Clark.

“Vehicles can get stuck, or people could end up losing control, have their vehicle become partially submerged, or taken off of the side of the road. We have had some areas that have developed sink holes as well, and people could become stranded in those spots.” 

Clark also wants people to think about their own personal safety as water levels begin to rise. 

“We want to make sure that people stay safe,” he said.

“We have some rivers that run throughout the County as well as the Lac La Biche lake where water levels have risen due to increased rainfall, so we want people to be cautious around bodies of water, especially fast-flowing rivers. People could risk injury or death if they get swept up by the current.” 

If you notice a flooded road call the Peace Officers 24-hour complaint line at (780) 623-6767.

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