Monday , 20 September 2021

Garbage pickup schedule in Bonnyville changing July 6

The Town of Bonnyville will have a new schedule for its solid waste collection starting July 6 with the goal of increasing efficiency across the board.

The new schedule will see trash being collected Tuesdays to Thursdays, with each day being dedicated to a specific area of town, while Mondays and Fridays will be dedicated to repairing equipment.

According to a staff report from town council, the new program will increase manpower by freeing up employees to address work outside of garbage collection, reduce machine downtime and helping to avoid confusion when it comes to holidays, which typically fall on either a Monday or Friday.

These off-days will allow time for repairs.

Residents living west of 46th Street will be serviced Tuesdays.

Those living south of 45th Avenue will be serviced Wednesdays, and those living north of 45th Avenue will be serviced Thursdays.

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