Saturday , 25 September 2021

AHS thanks St Paul Healthcare Auxiliary

Pictured: left to right Auxiliary member Raymonde Boulianne, Auxiliary President Evelyn Collins, Area Manager Allied Health Sharon Winik, Occupational Therapist Paul (PJ) Dechaine, Auxiliary Member Gladys Boisvert, and Therapy Assistant Amy Malmberg.
Photo captured prior to social distancing protocols. 

The Occupational Therapy Department at Alberta Health Services’ St. Therese Healthcare Centre in St. Paul would like to thank the St. Paul Healthcare Auxiliary for their donation to support the purchase of two VicAir wheelchair cushions, for a total of $1400.00.

These cushions are used to help prevent wounds, promote wound healing, and prevent secondary issues with bedrest for patients and residents in the hospital and continuing care. The VicAir cushions are used to help patients or residents to be able to sit upright in wheelchairs for longer periods and to be more independent while they are healing.


Funds were raised through the gift shop and vending machine sales at St. Therese Health Centre.

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