Thursday , 23 September 2021

Cold Lake’s Compost Days program sees phenomenal growth

The City of Cold Lake’s compost program has seen a significant uptick in use, with over 200 people visiting the transfer station to take compost in a single day.

“It’s amazing to see the success of this program grow over the years,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “We were thrilled at the response to the program when it started, and it’s grown beyond our expectations each year since.”

The City of Cold Lake’s Compost Days program allows residents to pick up five bags or 100 kilograms of compost from the compost pad at the Cold Lake Transfer Station, with no charge for the material. The program also allows not-for-profit groups to take a larger amount so that it can be bagged and sold to raise funds.

The program opened up on May 17, with over 14 tonnes of compost being taken by residents on the opening day, and more than 54 tonnes distributed in total so far. The busiest day had over 200 residents show up for grade “A” compost.

The material is tested prior to distribution and, since the program began, it has resulted in grade “A” compost material each year. The material is the result of residents’ participation in the city’s curbside organics collection program.

“This program allows residents to help the city turn their yard waste into an excellent product that can go back into their gardens,” Copeland said. “We’re proud of our residents’ participation, and the great work our staff did to create this program and implement it so well. We are diverting organic material from the landfill and transfer station, and our residents get a well-earned benefit as a result.”

Administration asks that residents continue to assist the program by respecting the space of staff and other people at the compost pad in an effort to physical distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents are also asked to separate pet waste from yard waste as part of the curbside organics program. Doing so will ensure that more, high-quality compost can be made ready each year for the Compost Days program.

The program will run until June 17, provided the supply remains available.

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