Tuesday , 21 September 2021

Portage College part of taskforce to support COVID-19 economic recovery efforts

Alberta’s 11 Comprehensive Community College’s (CCC) have launched an Economic Recovery Taskforce to assist the work of local, provincial and federal governments, and industry, as they tackle the economic challenges faced as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The taskforce will be chaired by Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) President and CEO Dr. Robert Murray.

The other members of the taskforce will include:

  • Paula Burns, President and CEO at Lethbridge College
  • Joan Hertz, Interim President and CEO at NorQuest College
  • Nancy Broadbent, President and CEO at Portage College
  • Peter Nunoda, President at Red Deer College
  • Elan MacDonald, Senior Vice-President at Global Public Affairs
  • Joseph Lougheed, Partner at Dentons Canada LLP
  • Lynette Tremblay, Vice-President, Strategy and Innovation at Edmonton Global
  • Justin Riemer, Assistant Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Western Economic Diversification, Government of Canada

Peter Leclaire, Assistant Deputy Minister, Advanced Learning and Community Partnerships Division, Government of Alberta will serve as an observer to the taskforce.

“This taskforce will align its work with business as well as municipal, provincial and federal government priorities to connect the community-based knowledge and expertise that exists within Alberta’s Colleges to have a direct positive impact on the economy,” said Dr. Murray.

The taskforce will focus on three main themes:

  • Economic resiliency to address immediate needs.
  • Economic recovery to play a key role in restarting the economy.
  • Economic competitiveness to focus on long-term opportunities for Alberta’s Colleges to build Canada’s economic strength.

Colleges across Canada have always been community-connected leaders supporting local research and innovation while meeting local business and industry needs through education and skills development.

“With a coordinated approach focused on the priority areas of talent and skills; innovation and technology; research and development; partnership and collaboration; and community building and development, Alberta’s Colleges will be an integral part of economic recovery and growth plans for all levels of government,” said Dr. Murray.

Work is already underway by the taskforce to identify the ways in which Alberta’s Colleges are currently supporting local, provincial and national economic recovery and future growth goals. The taskforce will examine how to further support and develop this work to assist economic resiliency and recovery to address the immediate and short-term needs as it looks to future opportunities for Alberta’s Colleges to support long-term economic growth.

“The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges to the local, provincial and national economy. Alberta’s Colleges can, and will, do all they can to support their communities, Alberta and Canada through this current crisis and be at the forefront of future economic growth and stability,” said Dr. Murray.

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