Monday , 20 September 2021

LCSD COVID-19 assessment and update

At Lakeland Catholic School Division our vision frames our belief, and our actions. With Christ as our model and children as our focus, our assessment practices are being implemented with grace and compassion, and focused on the needs of the child, taking into consideration the home environment, and extraordinary societal circumstances so students are not disadvantaged.

No student shall be disadvantaged by the cancellation of classes. The student’s final mark as of March 15, 2020 is the default mark for this year. Grades may be improved upon, but will not be decreased based on the assessment between now and the end of the school year.

Our teachers will be responsible for assessing and reporting a student’s progress, including assigning a final grade. We know our teachers are skilled, capable and have a deep understanding of their students, and as such they are able to assess their student’s level of progress (achievement).

Lakeland Catholic acknowledges that during this time, some students and parents may not be in a position to prioritize education as they typically would, and we want to support students and parents, rather than put additional pressure on them. We want to assure families that ALL students will be supported in the new school year to accommodate any learning gaps.

At the same time, Lakeland Catholic recognizes that students are continuing their learning at home, and the learning that takes place from March 15- June 15 will be assessed and has the potential to increase their final grades.

All students will receive a report card on June 26, 2020. They might not look exactly how they looked in the past; however, the student’s final grades, comments, and promotion information will still be communicated.

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