Wednesday , 24 February 2021

Capella Centre responds to staff member testing positive for COVID-19

Capella Centre has implemented additional, precautionary isolation measures for clients and staff in response to the news that a part-time staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. The women’s emergency shelter remains open and COVID-free.
The staff person who tested positive was asymptomatic when they last worked at the women’s shelter. On the recommendations of Alberta Health Services (AHS), any staff member who came into contact with the positive staff person has been tested and is in self-isolation as a precaution. Shelter management is awaiting news of their test results, but no other staff members are currently showing symptoms.

As a precaution, impacted clients are also self-isolating safely. None are showing symptoms.

Management and staff have been following all AHS protocols and guidelines and strictly adhering to public health directives for women’s shelters since the coronavirus pandemic began. This includes the requirement that any staff member who shows symptoms to self-isolate at home to keep the shelter safe for clients and staff.


“We know that during a crisis, incidents of domestic violence can increase and worsen. Women’s shelters remain the safest place for women and children facing violence and abuse. You don’t have to stay in a dangerous situation, and you don’t have to come into shelter to get help. Call our 24-hour hotline at 1-800-263- 3045. We can help you find safe options even during this pandemic.”
– Noreen Cotton, Executive Director, Capella Centre

In addition to ongoing disinfecting protocols and safety measures, the shelter has received an additional deep cleaning.

“Shelters are more than a bed. Our members, including the Capella Centre, are trained to help women assess their danger levels and create safety plans. We encourage anyone experiencing violence or abuse to call their local women’s shelter. They have counsellors at the ready, and they will work to support your safety in person or over the phone. Call 1-866-331-3933 to be connected to a women’s shelter or visit acws.ca.”
– Jan Reimer, Executive Director, Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters

For ongoing updates on how Capella Centre is responding please check their facebook page

About Capella Centre

Capella Centre is the organization which operates the Columbus House of Hope family and women’s shelter serving St. Paul and surrounding communities since 1984.They offer a full breadth of services including a secure shelter and community programming to help create healthy relationships and build healthy communities.

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The Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters supports 40 members operating over 50 shelters across the province for women, children, and seniors facing domestic abuse through collective data and research, primary prevention programs, and front line training. Together, we work to end domestic violence.

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