Tuesday , 2 March 2021

2020 WPCA tour cancelled

Will the cancellation of the 2020 WPCA season and affects of COVID-19 change the landscape and have a long term affect on chuckwagon racing and the western heritage?

The World Professional Chuckwagon Association (WPCA) regrets to announce the official cancellation of the 2020 WPCA Pro Tour.

The affects of COVID-19 and health risks associated with this pandemic has caused the Province of Alberta to put restrictions on mass gatherings for the foreseeable future. A number of our host committees have already announced the cancellation of their 2020 events.

“In consultation with our 2020 host committees, we all agree that the health and safety of the general public, fans, sponsors, staff and volunteers is the number one priority,” said a WPCA spokesperson in a statement released late Wednesday evening.

“As these cancellations will likely change the landscape of chuckwagon racing in the future, we will continue to work with our committees, sponsors and competitors to navigate through these challenging times in an effort to sustain the western heritage.”


The health and safety of horses and humans is and always will be the number one priority for the World Professional Chuckwagon Association. 

Earlier this month, the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede officially announced the cancellation of the 2020 Calgary Stampede. The World Professional Chuckwagon Association (WPCA) fully supports this announcement.

“The WPCA is committed to supporting the Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Governments restrictions to ensure the general public, fans, sponsors, staff and volunteers are protected and their health and safety are the number one priority.”

The World Professional Chuckwagon Association works closely with all venues on the WPCA Pro Tour. While the cancellation of the Calgary Stampede and the four WPCA Tour events previously announced has a negative financial impact on the communities where events are held, we will not jeopardize the safety of horses and humans.

WPCA drivers collectively own over 1,000 thoroughbred horses that require year round care. Revenues generated from chuckwagon racing events assist with caring for these equine athletes. The WPCA will continue to evaluate what financial options are available during these challenging times to assist with the care these horses deserve .

The WPCA supports the Alberta Health Services and Alberta Government with their restrictions going forward and in consultation with our host committees, we will determine if events scheduled later in 2020 can be held.


Return to Bonnyville

The WPCA was slated to make its return to Bonnyville this July after a two-year hiatus.

In March, the Bonnyville Ag Society and the WPCA came to an agreement that would see the wagons return to Bonnyville.


CPCA races

The Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association has yet to announce whether or not its season will be cancelled. A number of scheduled tour stops have been cancelled in the wake of COVID-19, including Frog Lake.


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