Monday , 1 March 2021
Radio host Justin Marshall sprays water on parade-goers during Canada Day celebrations. Image credit: Robynne Henry.

Radio host Justin Marshall says goodbye to the Lakeland

Radio host Justin Marshall sprays water on parade-goers during Canada Day celebrations. Image credit: Robynne Henry. 

Bonnyville radio host Justin Marshall got the opportunity to say goodbye to the Lakeland on Tuesday.

The former morning show host on Hot 101.3 is moving on to work in the press gallery with Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul MLA David Hanson after being laid off a month ago from Stingray.

Marshall said the Lakeland is full of great people who would give you the shirt off their back and he’ll look back fondly on the time he’s spent here.

In fact, Tuesday was Justin Marshall Day at the Bonnyville Pita Pit.

“The Lakeland’s a truly amazing place and northern Alberta, in general, is truly amazing over the last six years of my life, getting to spend it with all of you, and shaking hands, kissing babies hanging out with your kids, promoting your events,” said Marshall.

He started his radio career in Lac La Biche and then in 2017 moved to Bonnyville where he began his daily show, covered local community events, emceed galas and awards ceremonies, and encouraged you to buy local from a business where he was live on remote.

But his favourite memory will be Mudfest.

“Getting to emcee, in front of I think it was like 10,000 people, and chugging a wobbly pop and everybody chugged in the audience…that was just cool and people chanting my name and it just shows how amazing this community is,” he said.

Marshall, who studied journalism at St. Thomas University, has experience as a news reporter, but will now be on the opposite side of the aisle as a government spokesperson.

“I’ll be trying to get their message out and just talk to the people and having fun. Hopefully, when Dave gets super busy I can come back up here and represent him at events and stuff like that.”

Despite being media competitors during his time in Bonnyville, he was gracious to Lakeland Connect when talking to Husband Chad on Tuesday.

“There’s no secret radio isn’t as community-oriented anymore as, I guess, it used to be and you guys saw that hole, you filled that void. I think your business model is probably one of the greatest in Canada and I think a lot of people are trying to model after it now, you know what I mean? You can see that there’s so many copycats, and I wouldn’t be surprised if people out east like having seen this model and trying to emulate it in other places, too. I know I would.”

“Hey, do I get to say, ‘this is Husband Chad. I’m Justin Marshall. Now you’ve been connected.’ I always wanted to say that.”

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