Friday , 26 February 2021

Cold Lake based professional photographer joins global movement to gift photo sessions to first responders and healthcare professionals

Anastasia Chomlack’s ONE For ONE Gratitude Sessions recognizes frontline workers nominated by photo session purchasers

Image: Provided by Susie O’Connor of Images Studios


Susie O’Connor has joined a global initiative to gift a Photo Session and Wall Art to FIRST RESPONDERS and HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS every time a local resident purchases a gift certificate for themselves through to April 30, 2020. Anastasia Chomlack is the photographer that launched the initiative called “ONE For ONE Gratitude Sessions” and her initial goal was to gift ten sessions to essentials workers in her community.


Since launching on April 1 over 800 photographers World Wide have shown interest and sought more information. Susie O’Connor is thrilled to bring “ONE For ONE Gratitude Sessions” to the Cold Lake/Bonnyville/Pierceland area.


“My goal through this crisis, even starting with my Cold Lake Porch Project was to lead with compassion and generosity. My heart goes out to all first responders and healthcare professionals that are spending time away from their families. Right now the added stress of their already intense work environments is unfathomable from my privileged vantage point in the safety of my own home. That is why I was so taken with the idea of saying THANK YOU.” says O’Connor of Images Studios.


The founding photographer, Anastasia Chomlack, is a sought after creative and professional photographer based in Pemberton, BC Canada. Whether photographing newborns, newlyweds or cultural icons including Danielle LaPorte and Russell Brand, she is always been passionate about collaboration.


“My goal of engaging ten photographers to participate in this initiative along with me was achieved in about five minutes. Literally, in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. I posted the initiative, made tea and came back to message after message after message of photographers showing interest,” says Anastasia. “As photographers shared their process, we were able to, almost in real time, create resources everyone needed to participate. It was an amazing collaboration.”


And so, through this collaboration Anastasia’s ten…. could become 3000. Or more. All given in gratitude to essential, frontline workers who are doing so much in communities of all sizes, across the world.


The benefits of this initiative are two-fold. A way for photographers to give back to those essential front-line workers to show gratitude since their work has been deemed non-essential. And, to create opportunity for photographers as they lose much of their planned business over the upcoming spring graduation and portrait season.


“Yes, this initiative is generous in nature…. says Anastasia, but it also empowers us as photographers to keep our own businesses afloat. There seems to be this idea that you cannot do both. I am here and this is proof to say otherwise! People need to be resourceful and creative during this unprecedented world event. My suggestion is to add this resourcefulness with generosity and kindness. You can’t lose.”



All photo sessions to take place when physical social distancing guidelines have been lifted. For more information about this initiative, to nominate an essential worker or to download the photographer’s information package please check out this link: https://anastasiaphotography.ca/whistler-family-photography

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