Wednesday , 3 March 2021

Alberta’s new sportfishing regulations come into effect April 1

The province’s new sportfishing regulations came into effect today.

Following open houses across Alberta, the government said there are new opportunities to harvest walleye, northern pike and yellow perch from water bodies with sustainable populations.

Harvest slot-size limits are being implemented on almost 30 walleye fisheries and more than 10 pike fisheries.

Regulations that provide increased harvest using a one fish daily bag limit (with no size restriction) will be in place for seven walleye and 21 pike fisheries.

The number of lakes with tag-based harvest of walleye has decreased from 23 to 16, but the overall number of Class A and B walleye available to special harvest licence has increased.

Trout – 5 in total, combined of:

  • 0 bull trout (native to Alberta);
  • 2 Northern Dolly Varden (historically released into Chester Lake);
  • 1 golden trout;
  • 3 lake trout;
  • 5 cutthroat trout;
  • 5 rainbow trout;
  • 5 brown trout;
  • 5 brook trout.
  • 5 tiger trout.
  • Arctic Grayling – 0
  • Mountain Whitefish – 5 in total.
  • Walleye and Sauger – 3 in combined total.
  • Northern Pike – 3 in total
  • Yellow Perch – 15 in total
  • Lake Whitefish and Cisco (Tullibee) – 10 in combined total.
  • Goldeye and Mooneye – 10 in combined total.
  • Burbot (Ling) – 10 in total
  • Lake Sturgeon – 0
  • Non-game fish – no restriction on the numbers kept

Sportfishing in Cold Lake requires either an Alberta Sportfishing Licence or a Saskatchewan Angling Licence.

The Alberta Fishery Regulations, 1998 apply to the Alberta portion of Cold Lake; while the Saskatchewan Regulations apply to the Saskatchewan portion of Cold Lake (Saskatchewan regulations are consistent with Alberta regulations for Cold Lake).

“The Alberta Fish and Game Association is pleased with the changes to the 2020 Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations and want to thank Minister Nixon and his staff for beginning to address longstanding concerns,” said Delinda Ryerson, executive director, Alberta Fish and Game Association.

We know that more positive changes will occur in the future. Even during these trying times, outdoor activities such as fishing are possible provided they are done in the context of the orders and guidelines outlined by Alberta Health during what, at the present time, is a public health emergency.”

In order to support social distancing measures in response to COVID-19, Albertans are encouraged to purchase their 2020 Alberta sport fishing licence online at AlbertaRELM.com.

Anglers can also carry their fishing licence electronically on the AlbertaRELM app.

Full sportfishing regulations.

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