Saturday , 16 October 2021
Portage College's St. Paul campus.

Portage College Offers Free Community Adult Learning Programs (CALP)

The Community Adult Learning Program (CALP) at Portage College allow adults to learn meaningful skills, using delivery methods and scheduling to meet each learner’s needs. CALP is available in BonnyvilleSt. PaulFrog Lake First Nation, Cold Lake First Nation, Whitefish Lake/Goodfish Lake First Nation, Kehewin Cree Nation and Elk Point. All services and supplies are free of charge and funded by the Government of Alberta Advanced Education.

CALP offers personalized training in adult literacy, numeracy, English language learning, basic digital skills, job search and career development, academic preparation, and much more. It can also connect learners to community supports and services for career counselling/employment, childcare, transportation, government programs and services, citizenship and immigration services, assistance with forms, or help with identifying other learning needs or services. CALPs act as “first-stop” hubs for adult learning in communities across Alberta.

Portage College believes this program will help to open doors for individuals. “This program provides access to pathways of learning that may not exist for some people in the communities,” said Nancy Broadbent, President and CEO of Portage College. “We are happy to help provide service to those in need of resources for lifelong learning.”

Learners may want support preparing for the GED, or improve skills in math, reading, or writing to prepare for college programs. Others may want to improve math or computer skills for the workplace, for personal budgeting or finances, or to help children with homework or recipes.

Resumes, cover letters and job search skills are common needs. Help with tablets, cell phones, computers, social media, and the internet is also available. Training can be as short as a half hour one-on-one session or may extend to longer tutoring, online learning, or group sessions, if appropriate. CALP staff help learners identify their training needs, then an individual schedule is created to meet those goals.

The program allows adult learners to identify and learn the skills they need to improve their quality of life, whatever that may mean to each learner. CALP sites provide welcoming and safe services for all types and levels of learners, and connections to other resources in the community.

Anyone over the age of 18 can participate, including those who are currently taking other programs with Portage College. Newcomers to communities, seniors, and other adults are also welcome.

Interested adults can drop in at any Portage College CALP location to register for free anytime (no deadlines apply).

Contact Don Moore at Portage College 780-639-7160 or by email to find the closest CALP location.


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