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Four on four

Tales from the Timebox, January 21st, 2020

If the hockey players keep getting bigger and more skilled, four on four hockey may be the way of the future one day in the NHL. The Novice hockey teams are already way ahead of the curve. Half ice and four on four hockey was implemented last year and it sure seems to be working really well.

Novice Avalanche

This past  Saturday the Novice Avalanche hosted their home tournament with eight teams from out of town coming plus the host. Non-stop action on the ice and the concession workers were crazy busy. Cutting the ice surface in half with the new short boards allowed two games to happen all at once. Four teams on the ice playing two 24 minutes periods. Both teams would share a bench. One team going out one door and the other team going out the opposite door. Every minute and a half the horn would blow and the teams would change on the fly.
The Elk Point team played St. Paul Canadiens in the first game. Jaxon ‘Magic’ Marcoux, ‘Jesse James’ Penner, ‘Billy Bob’ Ballas and ‘Major Tom’ Melnyk scoring . Goaltender Theo ‘Long Horn ‘ Loughran awarded the Heart and Hustle for the game. Their second game was against the Two Hills Eagles. Five goals each for ‘Billy Bob’ and  ‘Magic’ A hat trick for Theo ‘Long Horn’ Loughran, Hudson ‘ Hammer’ Krankowski scoring his first goal of the year, then adding another. Jesse James with one goal.  Avree ‘the Aggressor’ Lesyk with a goal, her side kick Ava ‘Little Angel’ Rawlake with the assist. Ryder ‘Rhino’ Malo also with an assist. Hudson ‘Hammer ‘ Krankowski receiving the Heart and Hustle award. In their third game they played the Cold Lake Warriors. Jesse James with seven goals. Five goals for Billy Bob. A hat trick for Magic. Hammer and Major Tom with one each. Little Angel  with a couple of assists.  Ava ‘The Aggressor’ Lesyk receiving the Heart and Hustle.
In their final game they played the Marwayne Sled Dogs. Sharp shooter Jesse James hitting the target with six goals. Ramming his way through scoring a  hat trick was  Rhino Malo. The Hammer pounding in two. Billy Bob with two more goals. Magic and Long Horn with one goal each. And a couple of assist for the Aggressor. The winner of the Heart and Hustle award going to Jaxon ‘Magic ‘ Marcoux . Hats off to all the parents and coaching staff for organizing and hosting such a terrific tournament.

Bantam Avalanche

The Bantam Avalanche rolled into the Border City on Saturday afternoon leaving nothing but a trail of snow dust behind them when they left town, picking up another two points in a big win over the Blazers. Mick Jager’ Fontaine with five goals and one assist . Two goals each for rugged fore-checking wingers ‘Wild Man’ Wyatt Pavoll and  Dean ‘the Machine’ Ockerman. The Machine also adding an assist to the list.  Defenseman and slick playmaker Saint Nic Penner with a goal and two assists. , Steady D Man Landon ‘the Magnificient Malchowski and  grinder Ryan ‘ Ram Rod’ Cameron with one goal each. Five assists for the smooth  set up man Cea Jay ‘ Quick Draw’ Quinney. Seth ‘ Motor Man’ Morton with a helper as well.  Goaltender Vanden ‘ Super Mario’ Moroziuk picking up his fifth shut out of the year.

Peewee Avalanche

If the Peewee Avalanche had ever needed a reality check they  got it this past weekend. The Peewee Avalanche have had a decent year. Sitting somewhere in the middle of the North East Alberta Tier Three Peewee league. They should make the playoffs. But sometimes you need  to go and play other teams and see just where you stand overall. But be careful what you ask for. It can be painful at times. The Peewee Avalanche traveled to the Lamont/ Bruderheim playing in a tier two/three tournament on the weekend meeting some very tough tier two teams . This was a great learning experience  for them playing teams they have never seen before. The first game was fine against Thorsby on Friday night. They are a Tier Three team. The Avalanche winning  6 to 5.
Two goals for Evett ‘Snoop Dog’ Smereka. Singles for Top Gunner’ Crawford, Raif ‘ Rug Rat’ Evans Anderson, Kaleb’ Formula One’ Flamand and the hardnosed defense-woman  Spenser ‘ Goldie Locks’ Malachowski. Two assists for Timmy ‘the Freight Train’ Cardinal, Gavin ‘Green Light’ Kadutski, ‘Cyclone Cole’ Pierce  and Ella ‘Stellar’ Ballas with one assist each.
On Saturday it was an eye opener for the Avalanche when they met up with two very strong Tier two teams, The first game in the morning was against  Rocky Mountain House and later that afternoon against Grande Prairie. Both of these teams obviously have been playing at the top of the tier two. The Avalanche getting very little shots on goal. But the Avalanche goalie ‘Goodyear Charlie’ Lesyk was getting a good workout. Top Gunner scoring the only goal for the Avalanche assisted by  Green Light and Stellar.
On Sunday in the final game the Avalanche battled really hard right to the final buzzer against Hinton. They did not win the game losing 9 to 4 but still coming home knowing they didn’t just throw in the towel. Top Gunner with two goals and an assist. Madden ‘ Mad Dog’ Flamand and ‘Green Light ‘ with the other two goals. Two assists for ‘Formula One’ one assist for Stellar.

Out of Town Players

In out of town action this past weekend, former Avalanche Peewee player now suiting up for the St Paul Bantam Female team, Kaylee ‘ Big Bird’ Radcliffe was selected and played this  past Saturday in the East Central Female League All Star game held up in Lac La Biche.
 Finally the wicked minus 40 weather has broke. Hard to believe when it was minus 25 on this past Friday it felt like a heat wave. This week will be even warmer so  Jack  the dog will not be so pouty and can go outside for his twice daily walks!!
Happy birthday going out to a former Avalanche coach and one of the best minor hockey players in Elk Point that I have ever watched,  Tyson Stafford. 
K.A. Campbell quote of the week. ‘ You just keep shooting and sometimes they go in and sometimes they don’t. ” – Bill Flett

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