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Bus Cancellations for January 16th, 2020

Conseil scolaire Centre-Est

All buses for Conseil scolaire Centre-Est (East Central Francophone) are cancelled for Thursday, January 16th, 2020 due to the temperatures.

St. Paul Education Regional Division

Due to extreme wind chill forecasts, all buses for St. Paul Education have been cancelled for Thursday, January 16, 2020. Schools will remain open.


Northern Lights Public Schools

Due to the extreme cold expected to continue tomorrow, all Northern Lights Public Schools buses are cancelled for Thursday, January 16th.

NLPS will make a decision about whether or not classes will be cancelled in the morning. Parents will be sent an updated message at that time.

High school provincial diploma exams scheduled for tomorrow will proceed regardless of bus or class cancellations.

Schools will still be open and regular classes will proceed if classes are not cancelled. Programming may be modified if large numbers of students are absent.

If your child will be absent due to the bus cancellations, or for any other reason, please inform your child’s school. If NLPS does not hear from you, they will call you to make sure your child is safe at home. We want to make sure everyone who intends to come to school arrives safely.

You can report an absence using the School Messenger app, at go.schoolmessenger.ca or by calling your child’s school directly.


Lakeland Catholic School Division

All buses are cancelled for Thursday, January 16th.


Kehewin School and LaGoss on Cold Lake First Nations have both cancelled classes for Thursday January 16th.

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