Sunday , 26 September 2021

Lakelanders hot off the runway

Pictured: Milana Young at Western Canadian Fashion Week 

Designer Cassandra Newton of EME Designs and teen model Milana Young are two locals that hit the runways at Western Canadian Fashion Week (WCFW) in Edmonton this past weekend.

EME Designs

Veteran to WCFW, Cassandra says this year’s inspiration to her collection “Shattered Beauty” was the idea that the scars we all carry are what shape us into the person we are.

“I always try to find something deep and personal for my designs,” Cassandra explained that she was inspired by the Japanese Kintsukuroi art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.

“It’s the personal, physical, emotional scars that make us more beautiful.”

Her new pieces feature hand beadwork and embroidery. “It’s more complex and labour intensive,” then previous lines she explained.

Delaney Vincent in EME Designs

After a few WCFW under her and one trip to New York Fashion Week, Cassandra is ready to focus on her fashion line full time. She has made the tough decision to close her retail alterations business, The Funky Butt’n to dedicate herself to EME Designs.

This will allow her to expand the Shattered Beauty line, which has five designs now and get it ready for March’s WCFW.

Designer Cassandra Newton (left) with WCFW models in Shattered Beauty collection

Cassandra also hopes to be able to put together a full line for each the Edmonton and Calgary WCFW shows, as well as head to New York for fashion week again.

“I really hope to bring my daughter this time [to New York],” Cassandra is known to include her young daughter Eme in her shows. “She is where I got my brand name,” she adds with a smile.

Along with her daughter, Cassandra uses two other local models, Delaney Vincent from Cold Lake and Kasda from Lloydminster. Delaney Vincent has traveled with Cassandra to all her shows, including New York and Kasda is an 18 year old contract model, who has worked everywhere from WCFW to Paris.

Although the Funky Butt’n will be closing its doors, Cassandra will still be in the community. She will continue to do the costuming for the Grande Parlour productions, including the upcoming Pig Girl and 80’s show.

“I always show off my designs in Cold Lake first,” beams Cassandra. Expect EME Design’s preview show to hit the local runways this February.


Milana Young

St. Paul’s Milana Young has taken some huge steps to furthering her modeling and dance career this year. The 14 year old, grade 9 student recently moved to Sherwood Park to pursue a higher level of dance training, as well as expand her modeling career.

For the fourth year, Milana walked in WCFW.

“Modeling helps me be myself and have more confidence,” Milana says she’s more comfortable behind the camera.

Working under Flair Talent Agency, Milana has booked multiple runway gigs since she was 10 years old. She also has print work in Can Kids Magazine, as well as Teen Look Magazine.

“My goal is to land a cover,” she proclaimed that any cover would be amazing, “I’m still trying to get more work.”

One of her main modeling goals is to go international, “I would love to move to Paris or go there for six months and book back-to-back shoots.”

With her move to Sherwood Park, Milana is dancing with Step by Step, which is opening up international competitions for her. She recently placed first at Nationals and third at Worlds for her solo in musical theatre.

“My parents have been really supportive, I don’t know what I’d do without them!”

Milana is looking forward to future modeling work, but does not yet have any set gigs.

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