Sunday , 26 September 2021

In Elk Point Sept. 9: partnerships and taxes

Beneficial partnership

The Town of Elk Point and the County of St. Paul are good neighbours who work well together.

A Memorandum of Understanding was presented at both municipalities’ council meetings to formalize the mutual support that they already give.

For example, they mow grass at jointly owned facilities, share equipment for road projects, and submit joint grant applications.

The County supplies the Town with sand and gravel at cost.

The County snowplows the airport, while the Town mows the grass, applies for grants for capital projects, and manages the airport’s operating budget.

Taxes paid

At the Town of Elk Point’s regular council meeting on September 9, the Chief Financial Officer, Mir Ali, reported that over 90 per cent of the municipal taxes due on August 31 have been paid.

Four properties with tax arrears over three years old are scheduled for auction on September 18.

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