Friday , 5 March 2021

Two reports of paving scams in Cold Lake this morning: RCMP

Cold Lake RCMP say that the provincial-wide warning of paving scams released yesterday by the Alberta RCMP is happening in the Lakeland.

This morning at approximately 9:00 a.m. Cold Lake RCMP received two separate reports regarding paving scams happening within Cold Lake.

From an investigative stance, it appears that the suspects are scamming the senior residents in the Lakeland area which may not be aware of the scam.

Corporal Marie-Eve Mackenzie-Plante said: “Residents should be vigilant and always question the validity of these travelling pavers. Do your part in spreading the word on this scam, tell your neighbors, tell your friends and especially our senior citizens as not everyone is on social media.”

The scam works with travelling companies, posing as legitimate contractors, that offer paving or sometimes roof sealing services typically to senior citizens in rural communities.

These individuals have been known to provide few details of their identity and utilize non-descript vehicles rarely bearing commercial logos.

The Alberta RCMP urges property owners to beware of out-of-town companies offering such services.

The contractors claim to have leftover asphalt from previous jobs and promise to provide quality services.

However, the product used is believed to be cold, recycled asphalt or a gravel and oil mixture with no lasting properties. This results in the asphalt falling apart once it is driven on.

By that time, these fraudsters are long gone, disappearing with their payment before the customer realizes they have been scammed.

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