Wednesday , 14 April 2021

Regular fuel now available at the marina

Fuel is now available for purchase at the Cold Lake Marina, for boaters and other watercraft users.

With the new fuel tank operational, marina users are now able to purchase regular fuel using a credit card. Debit cards and cash cannot be accepted by the pump. The new fuelling system has premium fuel capability, however arrangements are still being made to bring premium fuel to the launch, so only regular fuel is available at this time.

Users interested in purchasing fuel can insert their credit card into the pump machine, and follow the prompts to review a safety orientation before being provided a pin number. This pin number will be required to activate the fuel system, and the number should be retained for future purchases with that same credit card, as it will be locked to that credit card number.

The price of fuel may fluctuate, based on the cost of delivery. If there are any issues using the pump, Marina staff are available to answer questions, or can be reached at 780-639-2396.

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