Thursday , 29 July 2021
Harvesting of the Northeast Growing Project's rented land. Last year, the local group raised over $60,000 for hungry people around the world.

Local charity that’s raised over $500,000 to fight world hunger looks for more volunteers

Harvesting at the Northeast Growing Project’s rented land. Last year, the local group raised over $60,000 for hungry people in third-world countries.  

A local charity group that helps fight world hunger is looking for more volunteers.

The Northeast Growing Project sends crops to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, which sells the crops to help feed the hungry in countries like Afghanistan, Malawi, and North Korea.

Terry Shenher, chairman of the Northeast Growing Project, said the Bonnyville-based group has been operating for 21 years and would like to continue it for years to come.

“Our project in Bonnyville has been going on since 1997. It was originally started by local farmers in the community as well as pastors from local churches,” said Shenher.

The Northeast Growing Project rents roughly 120 acres west of Fort Kent where volunteer farmers sponsor and grow the crops for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to ship.

“We grow our crop in the area every year thanks to the help of some local volunteer farmers who help plant, spray, seed, and harvest,” said Shenher.

“We are quite fortunate here in our country and in our province to have good food to eat and good water to drink.”

In 21 years, the project has raised over $540,000 to go overseas.

The federal government matches those donations four-to-one, so the total raised is over $2.3 million.

This year’s crop is in the ground, said Shenher.

“If we could get a more active committee we may be able to do some more things in the community to raise awareness.”

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) says that $100 feeds a family of five for three months and a tonne of wheat will feed 2500 for a day.

Last year, the CFGB helped people in 20 countries.

“It’s a very good cause. It helps a lot of people who are starving in the world today and I think it’s a very worthwhile project. It is very well-supported by all the churches in Canada,” said Shenher.

“At this time we’re looking for some financial support.”

A silver shovel is up for auction at Lakeland Credit Union that helps raise funds for the operation.

Shenher said if you want to get involved with the committee to call him at 780-826-3687.

“Even if you aren’t too versed in farming, there are other things that could be there that you could help on the committee level,” said Shenher.

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