Thursday , 29 July 2021

New Sergeant for Elk Point RCMP

Sergeant David Henry introduced himself as the new RCMP Detachment Commander at the May 13 regular meeting of Elk Point Town Council.

Henry’s philosophy is that cooperation between the community and the RCMP is the best way to thwart criminals.

The sergeant explained to council that he is already getting to know the community. He has been touring back roads and introducing himself to landowners, who are vital in helping to reduce rural crime.

“Residents know the vehicles that belong and they recognize unusual activities,” said Sgt. Henry.

“Providing information to the police is not snitching”, he says, it is protecting the community. Even if criminals cannot be caught in the act, the police can build files that may lead to arrests, so Sgt. Henry’s slogan is ‘when in doubt, call us out’.

Henry has observed that criminals don’t use main highways, so is directing detachment members to “travel on gravel, where people don’t expect them and don’t want them,” and to do spot checks and focus on crime hotspots in the region.

He also reminds people to mark possessions and record serial numbers or unique characteristics, so that if items are stolen they can be positively identified and returned to the owners.

Having grown up in High Level, Sgt. Henry likes small towns and gravel roads.  He has fourteen years of service, working out of detachments in St. Albert, Airdrie, and St. Paul. In St. Paul he was the RCMP resource to the high school, and enjoys working with youth.

Henry is enthusiastic about working with the communities in Elk Point, Fishing Lake, Frog Lake, and the County of St. Paul.

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