Thursday , 29 July 2021

Cold Lake wants to attract more film production in the area

Cold Lake wants to attract more film shoots in the area.

City council gave direction to administration to come up with a film grant program in Cold Lake to make the area more attractive for movie makers to shoot in the Lakeland.

The idea came from Moments in Spacetime director and writer Chris Cowden who presented to council in April.

City council also approved a $10,000 grant to Cowden for the film.

Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland said it’s a helping hand.

“Chris and his wife [Patty Srisuwan] deserve all the credit. We’re just proud that they decided to do a Cold Lake film,” said Copeland.

“What we’re asking administration to do is to come up with a grant or policy on funding for films that come into the area. When you look at the beauty of the Lakeland area, we have a lot to offer to the film industry and Chris commented on filming in the area and how easy-going it was, how supportive everybody was.

“There’s a cast of great talent here and just look at Grande Parlour and the talent with that theatre group. This is exciting and maybe an option for us to explore with our partners in the region,” said Copeland.

Movies shot in Alberta are already eligible to receive up to 30 per cent of their some production costs back.

The hope is with a municipal grant program, Cold Lake would become one of the most attractive areas to shoot movies in the country or North America.

City administration will draft the grant policy and it will come back to council.

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