Thursday , 29 July 2021

Stream of Dreams

LICA (Lakeland Industry and Community Association) is bringing the Stream of Dreams Mural program to École Notre Dame Elementary School on May 27-31.

Stream of Dreams is a whole school eco-education program that educates communities about their local watershed, rivers and streams, encourages behavioural change to conserve and protect water, empowers youth to make a positive environmental impact, and creates a community art legacy by and for the whole community.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about their local rivers and streams, how they are connected to waterways through storm drains in the streets and indoor drains in homes and buildings, and how they can help take care of waterways.

Students then hear the story behind the Stream of Dreams project and are invited to do their part to help keep our streams and rivers healthy. The instructor uses maps, models, posters, pictures and other props to help the students understand the concepts presented.

Students will then paint a wooden fish, that will be attached to a fence at the school to create a mural.

This mural will serve as a reminder of the lesson that students can look back upon for years to come.

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