Thursday , 5 August 2021

RCMP warn against driving without proper documentation

The Bonnyville RCMP would like to remind the public that driving without the proper documents, licences and registration could result in hefty fines and impoundment of vehicles.

There has been a number of incidents over the past few weeks that have brought fines and impoundments on drivers in the Bonnyville area.

On April 17th, a 18 year old male from Bonnyville was fined after failing to produce registration following a traffic stop on 50th Avenue.

Bonnyville RCMP Staff Sergeant Sarah Parke says that even if you have valid insurance, registration & a licence, there are still fines for failing to provide the documents. “Be sure to always have your documents in the vehicle, when driving,” she advises.

Two people experienced their vehicles being towed after not providing proper documentation.

On April 26th, a 68 year old man was stopped while driving on Gurneyville Road. The man had an expired licence plate, and was driving while unauthorized. The vehicle he was driving was towed and impounded for a minimum of 30 days.

On May 1st, a 36 year old female from Lloydminster had the vehicle she was driving towed after being stopped on Highway 41 and not having insurance. Failing to provide insurance also cost her a mandatory court date.



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