Thursday , 21 October 2021

Multi hit alarms in La Corey and Bonnyville, Fort Kent mailboxes broken into

On April 20 at approximately 11:30pm, Bonnyville RCMP were contacted to conduct a welfare check on 41-year-old Tanya Kenny.

Kenny had texted her friend with some concerning information and the friend was no longer able to make contact with her.

Members have been checking residences and public areas in Bonnyville but have been unable to speak with Kenny face to face to ensure her safety.

If anyone has any information that could assist the police please contact Cst. Douglas with the Bonnyville RCMP.

Tanya Kelly

Multi-hit alarm in La Corey

Bonnyville RCMP were dispatched to a multi-hit alarm at Lyn-Den oilfield contracting in La Corey, where three company vehicles were stolen.

The vehicles that were stolen were equipped with GPS allowing the RCMP to track them from a safe distance.

The vehicles fled towards the Lac La Biche detachment area and through a co-ordinated effort the first two of the vehicles were recovered.

Shortly after the initial call a third Lyn Den vehicle was recovered nearby.

The thieves arrived at the Lyn-Den yard in a Dodge Nitro and a white pick-up truck.

The thieves pick-up truck was disabled through the use of a tire deflation device however the Dodge Nitro eluded apprehension.

The RCMP are actively investigating this incident and any information about the criminals involved can be directed to Cst. Katherine Hall with the Bonnyville RCMP.

Sonny’s Break In

On April 23 at 3:43am Bonnyville RCMP dispatched to a report of a multi-hit alarm at Sonny’s Liquor Store.

The rear garage door had been smashed inwards and damage done to shelving units inside.

Two vehicles are spotted, one Dodge Nitro and one white Ford F350 truck used to back into store while Dodge Nitro waits in the parking lot.

Two suspects observed stealing bottles of alcohol and loading up the truck, both vehicles flee the scene heading West on 50th avenue.

Multiple items have been seized for a forensic examination.  Any information can be forwarded to Cst. Shane Allnutt with the Bonnyville RCMP.

Fort Kent mail

A caller reported to the RCMP that the mailboxes in Fort Kent had been damaged and broken into.

It is unknown at this time if mail was stolen.

If anyone has information or saw anything over the holiday weekend that could lead the police to the person who damaged the mailboxes please contact Cst. Megan Letang with the Bonnyville RCMP

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