Thursday , 21 October 2021

Grande Parlour looking for a facelift

One of Cold Lake’s top entertainment locations is looking for improvements.

The Grande Parlour is looking to raise money for their theatre enhancement project.

The Cold Lake Entertainment Society, the non-profit which oversees the Grande Parlour, had their recreation and culture grant approved by the city last week, and hope to present a delegation to M.D. of Bonnyville council soon.

The amount the city approved was $25,251, roughly one-third of the project cost, said Craig Konechny executive director of the Grande Parlour.

“What we’re looking to do in the space is kind of upgrade the people coming out to the show’s experience,” said Konechny.

Konechny said since the theatre has been running for a couple of years, they now have a better grasp of what needs work.

“That becomes seating and tables. You know, they’re not the most comfortable the seats that we have. But we worked with the money we had when we first started the space, and we knew we would have to improve them at some point time. The stage, we’re looking into elevating it a little bit more. Then a lot of it is lighting and some digital sound equipment and stuff like that.”

The theatre would not see any work done until the M.D. of Bonnyville looks at the proposal.

“Once we know that, then we can decide how we’re going to move. We can’t really do anything until we know what we’re up against as far as dollars,” said Konechny.

Acts of Villainy

Acts of Villainy is the latest production ahead at the Grande Parlour.

The show is the result of teen workshops the theatre hosted in January.

“Sixteen weeks of helping write the script, and everything from the way the set will look, to your characters and all that they’ve all been involved in. The music component and ideas in the show, and then it ends with four dates of full-scale production in front of an audience that is paying to come and see a professional production,” said Konechy.

The idea for the workshop was meant to expand the arts in Cold Lake with an eye at making the Grande Parlour an arts school.

Acts of Villainy runs May 3, 4, 10, and 11 and tickets are still available.

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