Thursday , 21 October 2021

Bonnyville looks at reducing speed on east-end of town

Bonnyville is working on reducing the speed limit on the east-end of town. The section of road in question is in between the Centennial Centre and the new 7-11, after Highway 28 transitions into Highway 659. Currently, the speed limit is 70 km/hr, but with the growth of the community in that direction, Council has moved to reduce this to 50 km/hr.

“As the town grows that is the direction the town is going to grow into there will be a lot more residential we will see in that area. We all feel it is important that we take a look into that speed limit there,” explained deputy mayor for the Town of Bonnyville, Elisa Brosseau.

It may take some time for the speed reduction to take effect. The stretch of road is a Highway and falls under the jurisdiction of Alberta Transportation. Although the Town has approved the speed reduction it is ultimately up to the province.

Brosseau explained, “from the discussion and the comments from the councillors who have been through  his before they have said it’s quite a long timeline five to six years.” The hope is Alberta Transportation recognizes how heavily utilized the roadway is and makes the reduction in a more timely fashion.

The Town has approved the construction of a trail on the north side of the road to connect that side of town. With the installation of the trail, the Town has also approved that a traffic light be installed for pedestrians to be able to cross.

The speed reduction was also recommended by the Community Policing Committee.

Should Alberta Transportation agree to the speed reduction the 50 km/hr zone would stretch from Peter Kushnir Ball Diamonds to 37 street. The Highway would then transition into a 70 km/hr zone headed east out of Bonnyville.

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