Thursday , 21 October 2021

Lakeland Centre for FASD named 2018 Canadian Non-Profit Employer of Choice

The Lakeland Centre for FASD (LCFASD) has received their award for the 2018 Canadian Non-profit Employer of Choice (NEOC).  NEOC awarded the organization for their commitment to better practices in Human Resources, Management and Leadership.

LCFASD received higher than the required minimum overall score when they were evaluated on their policies, practices and procedures as well as employee feedback in the application process.

LCFASD is proud to have grown from a local grassroots initiative to a significant organization in the Lakeland service area with 50+ employees, 4 offices and many programs such as diagnosis; 2nd floor women’s recovery centre; prevention programs; post diagnostic supports; training and much more.

The volunteer Board of Directors is committed to a successful and positive workplace for their staff by implementing a pension plan; having more vacation time; flexible working schedule; offering more opportunities to specialize or train for employees and building a positive culture and family priorities.

Board Chair, Stephanie Oleskyn says, “The Lakeland Centre for FASD is an amazing hard-working team that makes tremendous contributions to this region in helping a population that is desperate for supports, so I am thrilled that we have won this award.”

For more information on LCFASD or more about our services go to www.lcfasd.com

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