Thursday , 21 October 2021

National Award Winning Power Engineering Program Graduate

Congratulations to Marla Gibson, one of Portage College’s Power Engineering Students (PE4 and PE3 17/18), who has just been named the recipient of the National Power Engineering Outstanding Achievement Student Award for the category of 4th Class (2012 ACI Syllabus edition 2.5).

In June, Gibson will be awarded with first place for achieving a 93.628% combined total from her program marks and the SOPEEC (Standardization of Power Engineering Examinations Committee) marks. The selection for the award is calculated using both the nominee’s school marks (35%) and SOPEEC marks (65%).

Each year at the national Inter-Provincial Power Engineering Curriculum Committee (IPECC) Conference, PanGlobal announces the winners of the annual National Power Engineering Student Awards. As a first place winner, Gibson will receive $1000, plus travel expenses to the IPECC Conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Additionally, Gibson’s program at Portage College will receive, from the award sponsor PanGlobal, a current set of 4th Class textbooks to be put into the Portage College Library in her name.

“It’s always important to recognize those individuals who have excelled in their challenge of the national standard for learning in their profession. Congratulations Marla; well done! I look forward to meeting you in Fredericton.” – Bob Clarke, President PanGlobal Training Systems.

Gibson was nominated by Portage College Power Engineering Coordinator, Henry Hau.

“Marla was an outstanding student in both of our programs, receiving Honors with Distinction in our 3rd Class Power Engineering blended program.  We are pleased that she will be receiving this prestigious award and we wish her well.”

Gibson is excited about the award in June. “My time at Portage College was very enjoyable.  Taking the second half of my 3rd Class online was a great option for the program… It enabled me to complete the program and have my 3rd Class certificate by the end of October, four months early – which enabled me to start my career early.”

After completing her programming while working, Gibson transitioned immediately to full-time employment and is currently a 3rd Class Power Engineer with Cenovus Energy.

Power Engineering program information is available on our website HERE.

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