Thursday , 21 October 2021

MLA candidate Garnett-Bennett says Alberta can take care of Alberta

Image supplied: David Garnett-Bennett will run as the Alberta Independence Party nominee in the Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul riding this election.

David Garnett-Bennett said he had a conversation with his family a week ago at home in Elk Point about the upcoming provincial election.

“I’m sitting in front of my computer trying to learn about the election that’s coming up. And the discussion at our table, over dinner with my wife and my kids is a real one about what we’re going to do for our future. I’ve got four young kids, I’ve got a son graduating next year. And when he says, Dad, what do I do when I grow up? I have to look at him and honestly say, ‘what do I do?’ What does Alberta have left? That’s the direness and the seriousness of the problem that the Alberta Independence Party is trying to address,” said Garnett-Bennett.

Running as an Alberta Independence Party nominee, Garnett-Bennett is one of the six candidates in the Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul riding.

He says the Alberta Independence Party stands for truth, honesty, integrity, and accountability. They would call for a referendum to separate from Canada to end federal equalization.

“If we give out $50 billion, we get $10 billion back. We’ve done this year after year after year. What that means is we’re giving away our prosperity. What we’re simply saying is Alberta can take care of Alberta, if we redirect all of those equalization payments, we don’t even need a pipeline,” said Garnett-Bennett.

“Without a pipeline, we can redirect all of the transfer payments back into the Alberta economy. Every single Albertan from one day old to 100 years old wins. Everybody feels a measurable difference. That’s a bold statement, but it gets better. No carbon tax period, no GST period.”

Major tax reform, like the elimination of GST and collecting no personal income tax form anyone who earns $45,000 or less, would also happen under the Alberta Independence Party government, said Garnett-Bennett.

“The Alberta Independence Party is real, honest to goodness, hardworking, dirt under the fingernails, people. They’ve put in thousands and thousands of hours into the workforce into various trades. They’re not career politicians,” said Garnett-Bennett.

There would be no deficits in their budgets either.

“The Alberta Independence Party does not run in a deficit, we run in the black, we use real money. It is Alberta’s money. Albertans earned it, we just simply stop giving it to Ottawa, just stopping that action alone and then redirecting everything back into Alberta – every single individual profits.”

Garnett-Bennett worked 23 years in the oil patch. But says: “I am at a point in life where I seriously have to reconsider what I’m doing.”

“This is the last thing I can do is to make a difference and speak up for every other effort.”

The other candidates are UCP candidate David Hanson, NDP candidate Kari Whan, Alberta Party candidate Glenn Andersen, Independent Kacey Daniels, and David Inscho, nominee, and President of the Alberta Advantage Party.

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