Saturday , 23 October 2021

The Cheer Force Jets soar high in second season

Pictured: Cheer Force Jets Hornets 
The Cheer Force Jets have earned some bragging rights after finishing off their competition season March 9-10.  In their second season the club has grown immensely and started grabbing the attention of cheer professionals from all over the province.
Coach, Viola McNeil explained the club’s growth, “last year we had 15 athletes and we have now grown to over 100 athletes. We have three teams, our oldest two teams attended four competitions this season and our youngest team attended two.”

Highlights from the Cheer Force Jets 2018-19 season:

Battle at the Border in Lloydminster
  • Tutors (aged 3-5): First place, hit zero and specialty award for energy
  • Hawks (aged 6-8): First place and specialty award for enthusiasm
  • Hornets (aged 9-14): First place and specialty award for team spirit

Cold Snap in Edmonton (largest competition in Western Canada)

  • Hawks: First place and hit zero
  • Hornets: 4th place and hit zero
Red Deer Cheer Challenge
  • Hawks: First place in their division, hit zero, and first place out of all 44 level 1 teams (in all age groups)
  • Hornets: 2nd place and hit zero

Warman Cheer Classic (largest competition in Saskatchewan)

  • Tutors: 1st place and outstanding performance award
  • Hawks: 3rd place and hit zero
  • Hornets: 1st place and hit zero
*In cheerleading, ‘hit zero’ means the team completed their routine without any stunt falls, tumbling touchdowns or any other safety deductions. It’s another way of rewarding teams for a job well done when the divisions often have numerous teams and it is difficult to get that first place finish.
“It’s been incredible watching the athletes develop their skills and fall in love with the sport just as I did when I was their age,” McNeill added, “I am so proud of each and every one of their accomplishments. It’s been the most exciting journey and I am looking forward to an even bigger and better season 3!”
Watch for the Cheer Force Jets in the community at the Ronald McDonald Run on May 4th, Canada Day Parade on July 1st, and our 2nd annual Cheerful Colour Run (date to be determined). Spring classes are underway, you can register at http://cheerforcejets.com.

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