Tuesday , 3 August 2021

St. Paul Fire Department urges public to ensure alarms are functioning properly

St. Paul Fire Department would like to remind residents and businesses, that it is their responsibility to ensure alarm systems that are tied into a central monitoring company, is functioning properly. Along with a properly functioning system, up-to-date contact information is critical if emergency services need to get a hold of someone after hours.

Fire Chief Trevor Kotowich explains, “It is the responsibility of the Fire Department to respond to each and every alarm it receives. When we arrive on scene and determine there is no emergency, or there was a minor cooking mishap that results in no damage, we are very happy with that outcome.”

The Chief adds that responding to false alarms utilizes the force’s manpower and can be costly on the department. “It does become somewhat problematic when we are continually called to the same location because of a faulty system that is not being addressed”.

The Fire Department would like to remind everyone that under the Fire Bylaw, the Town could charge for false alarm responses.

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