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Kinosoo Performing Arts celebrates 40 years

2019 marks a major milestone for Kinosoo Performing Arts Association, the non-profit group is celebrating 40 years. Ray Gillis with the organization says there are some big shows in the works to commemorate the occasion.

Kinosoo Performing Arts aims to bring in a different act or artist each month. Announced for 2019 are Martin Kerr, 6 Guitars, Gunning & Cormier and The Chevelles. “We have something planned for our 40th, but we’re not releasing that just yet,” teased Gillis.

Upcoming Acts

“We have Martin Kerr coming in January,” Gillis said the group wanted to kick off the year with a top-notch performer. A Canadian top 10 artist, Kerr is known for his upbeat folk music and playful nature. He’ll perform at the Lakeland Inn on January 26th.

The 6 Guitars will perform on February 9th, confirmed Gillis. The 6 Guitars talks about his musical influences and then plays a song that came from those influences. “He’ll play a blue guitar and then pick up an acoustic or then a lead guitar. He’s jumping all around and highlighting the different styles of guitars.”

Gunning & Comier will perform March 2nd. They’re a folk/east-coast band with a lot of flavour.

The final (announced) show will be The Chevelles on April 13th. “They’re a party band and always a big hit,” stated Gillis.

40th Anniversary

As Gillis hinted at, there is one more show planned, however he could not release details just yet. “We are in partnership with the City for our 40th year. We are very grateful that they have teamed up with us for that show.”

At their last show, Shred Kelly in October, attendees were surveyed as to where they traveled from to attend. There was a large portion who came from out of the city. “That’s people who are in town, spending money, when they might not of otherwise been,” Gillis explained the shows are a draw for Cold Lake.

The non-profit group brings in the acts solely to add to the entertainment offered in Cold Lake. “We’re not out to make any money. By the time we get our grant money and ticket sales we just break even.”

Each show is held at the Lakeland Inn. Gillis says without their support it wouldn’t be possible. “The provide the venue for free and they look after the buffet dinner before the show.” The option to enjoy a meal before the show is available. Doors open at 5:30 for the dinner, with the show at 8:00 pm.

Purchase tickets for any or all of the shows at https://www.kinosooperformingarts.ca/tickets.


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