Thursday , 29 July 2021
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Cannabis usage restricted in Cold Lake

With cannabis legislation around the corner, the City of Cold Lake has implemented one new bylaw, and updated three others.

“We took a lot of time to go over the bylaws we wanted to implement in the city,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “We took a more restrictive approach, to keep cannabis use out of public areas.”

The new Cannabis Use Bylaw covers consuming cannabis, and the restrictions in doing so. People within the city limits cannot consume cannabis in any way in public places, but can use it on private property.

A public place is considered to be any of the following, where cannabis cannot be consumed. A full list can be found within the bylaw on www.coldlake.com:

–       Licensed gaming and/or establishments

–       Eating or drinking establishments, including outdoor patios

–       Campgrounds

–       Places of worship

–       Indoor and outdoor community recreation facilities, including sports fields, skate parks, and skating rinks

–       Parks

–       Walkways or boardwalks

–       Child care facilities

–       Educational service facilities

–       Public transportation vehicles, and all areas within 10 metres of public transportation property

–       Public buildings and all areas within 10 metres of an entrance or exit to a work place

–       Public streets, sidewalks, walking trails, and alleyways,

–       Public washrooms

“There are a lot of areas that are defined as a ‘public place’ and therefore restricted,” said Copeland. “With this outline in place, then we can look at opening up specific cannabis use areas for events in the future.”

The city is currently in the process establishing a permitting process that would allow event coordinators to apply for a permit to have a designated cannabis use area at events, similar to what a beer garden might be for alcohol. This application process is expected to be outlined in the near future.

Also outlined in the Cannabis Use Bylaw is the exceptions made for medical cannabis users, who are advised to keep their medical documentation on them, as municipal enforcement can ask to see it. However, medical cannabis users must still adhere to the rules outlined in the Smoking Bylaw.

Three other bylaws have been updated to incorporate cannabis usage into them, including the Smoking Bylaw, Parks and Public Facilities Bylaw, and the Noise and Public Nuisance Bylaw, to make sure there is no inconsistency and the rules are clear.

To read more, visit www.coldlake.com and head to the Bylaws and Policies webpage. All of the bylaws related to cannabis usage can be found under the “Policing” section.

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