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The latest news & happenings from Elk Point Council Chambers for the week of October 9th, 2018.

Elk Point is off-highway vehicle friendly; just follow the rules

Elk Point’s off-highway vehicle bylaw, which has been in force since 2011, was amended to permit simple access to and from trails. For visitors who arrive in town via the Iron Horse Trail, travel is allowed on alleys directly to fuel, food, lodging and repair services in commercial and industrial zoned districts. For residents, travel is still permitted to return directly home from areas outside the town boundaries.  However, the bylaw does not permit the use of off-highway vehicles as in-town transportation, and states that, “No person shall operate an Off-Highway Vehicle in the golf course, parks, playgrounds, school grounds and any athletic playing field within the boundaries of the Town.”

The bylaw will be posted near the Eco Centre and the recreation vehicle shack along the Iron Horse Trail.


New Bylaw Enforcement Officer

Krysten Burton, the town’s administrative assistant, has been sworn in as the bylaw enforcement officer. Council has chosen bylaw enforcement as one of its five strategic priorities, and has made an effort to be consistent in assessing late payments of fines or taxes. Requests by individuals to have payments waived have generally been denied. This strategy has resulted in some difficult decisions in the past year, including upholding fees incurred by accidental overuse of water or removing trailers stored on streets. A collection agency has been employed to follow-up on delinquent accounts.

Burton’s job will include making the first contact with residents when council determines that fines must be paid.


Community Engagement

Don’t forget the public hearings on October 22 at 7:00 pm at the Council Chambers. For discussion are two land use bylaws related to cannabis retail and production, as well as one bylaw regarding firearm use within town limits.

Town administration and council reminds residents that all regular council meetings are open to the public. As of November 1, three meetings will be held per month. On the first Monday, Public Works representatives will join Town Council in a Committee of the Whole.  On the second and fourth Mondays, council will continue to hold its regular meetings. Everyone is welcome to attend in the Council Chambers at 7:00 p.m.


Animal Fines Responsibility of Landowner

The question, “Is the landowner responsible for the debts of a tenant?” arose at the October 9 meeting in the case of an individual who left outstanding animal licencing fees when he moved out of a rental unit. Debate centered on whether to write off the fines or to collect them from the landowner.   In alignment with their bylaw enforcement position, the final decision was that if renters have pets, landowners are ultimately responsible.


Recreation and Cultural Board

The Town is establishing a board to “coordinate, promote, expand, evaluate, and enhance Recreation and Culture within the Town of Elk Point.” The board shall consist of a minimum of five voting members, including two members of Council.  Currently, the Town is advertising for a Recreation and Communication Coordinator who will be a standing member of the board. Other members will be appointed from the community.


The board’s powers and duties will include developing “a broad program of recreational and cultural activities and services,” as well as cooperating with and encouraging organizations that are involved in recreation and culture.  Interested community members can obtain further information from the town office.


Airport Support

Elk Point and District Lions President Jason Boorse presented a cheque for $5000 “towards our commitment to the airport fund.” This amount matches a donation from the Elk Point Elks Lodge #460, given to council in September.


According to Mayor Lorne Young, “The airport should be operational by the end of this month.”

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