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In Elk Point

The latest news & happenings from Elk Point Town Council for the week of May 30th, 2018

All-Candidates Forum

There is one seat to be filled on Elk Point town council. By-Election Day is June 12. This Wednesday, May 30, a forum will be held at the Pioneer Circle Seniors’ Centre, beginning at 7:00pm.  This is an opportunity for town residents to question the five declared candidates, Jason Boorse, Henry Botting, Bernice Capjack, Sherri Oszust, and Tim Smereka on such issues as balancing the budget, improving the town’s infrastructure, fitting in with the current council or implementing the town’s strategic priorities.


EcoCentre upgrades and tenant

Minor renovations are being made to the EcoCentre in anticipation of a new tenant. In the building, as well as some small upgrades, the basement drywall and a handrail will be installed, doors will be changed, and the elevator will be made functional. The Chamber of Commerce is preparing the upstairs space for a tenant who will rent on a one month trial.  FCSS will continue to be the primary renter.

Clean behind your fence

Just like mom had to remind you to clean behind your ears because you couldn’t see the dirt, the town is reminding property owners that even if the fence blocks the alley from view, it is still your responsibility to keep the grass cut, the weeds controlled, and the garbage picked up.


It’s alarming!

Rising in the night or running in the day, volunteer firefighters are motivated to action by the fire siren sounding across Elk Point. After the siren was removed from A. G. Ross Arena and repaired,, it was re-erected in the fire hall. Town council received a formal complaint from a resident who feels public input should have been sought before the move. For the fire department, having the alarm on the fire hall provides a second level of warning that the trucks will be emerging from the building, and calls more firefighters to the hall in an emergency.

P.S. There’s still a shortage of volunteer firefighters. Ready to join?


Physician Recruitment

Finding a third physician for Elk Point remains the goal of the physician recruitment committee, but it’s a long process. Letters of support have been written by administration of both the town of Elk Point and the County of St. Paul. A meeting is being arranged with the Minister of Health, Sarah Hoffman, to discuss how the process can be expedited. Meanwhile, the two doctors in town eagerly await another partner.


Residential fire clean-up

The remains of the structural fire on the north end of town will be removed as soon as insurance issues are cleared. A demolition plan has been made, but insurance funding is not available to all eight of the properties. Council has discussed options, including issuing an enforcement action through the courts, whereby the town would pay for clean-up but the cost would be applied to the value of the properties. However, council wants to “make sure we have had conversations with the landowners, first,” says Mayor Lorne Young. Concerns about the unsightly properties have been raised by neighbours who are also affected by the smells of smoke and rotting food, and the loose debris that blows towards outdoor living spaces.

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