Saturday , 16 October 2021

Kehewin Youth Centre lost in fire; two other buildings burned down

Emergency crews from Kehewin, Glendon and Bonnyville responded to a three structure fire in Kehewin Saturday morning. Despite their best efforts, three buildings were lost to the fire, including the Youth Centre.

Bonnyville Regional Fire Chief, Brian McEvoy, says BRFA assisted in the efforts, “the fire call came in, early this morning, around 2:00. The Bonnyville station and Glendon station were called in to assist Kehewin Fire.”

“Their Youth Centre was lost and a couple of other buildings in the area.”

Fire fighters worked for nearly six hours before getting the blaze under control.

The investigation will be done by the Fire Safety Codes Officer from Tribal Chiefs Ventures. It is unknown how the fire started at this time.

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