Sunday , 1 August 2021

Doonanco to return as Bonnyville M.D. Interim CAO

It didn’t take long for the MD of Bonnyville to find a CAO – but they still await their long term replacement. Roy Doonanco, who worked as the CAO for the MD for thirty years from 1977 to 2007, is returning to his old job on an interim basis beginning Monday. He is currently the CAO of the Beaver River Regional Waste Management Commission.

Since the job search takes several months to complete, and the position must be filled at all times, it seemed a fit to hire Doonanco until they can find the long-term fix, said Reeve, Greg Sawchuk.

“Council was looking for someone and – this was actually through our recommendation through our association board – they suggested someone who is a retired CAO who would be willing to be fill for a few months who, preferably, had knowledge of our area,” said Sawchuk.

“It just so happened that he was at the top of the list and he was willing to help for a few months.”

After Chris Cambridge’s resignation on May 14, Council appointed Director of Planning and Development, Caroline Palmer as acting CAO. The search then quickly began for an interim so Palmer wouldn’t be saddled with both positions. That’s where Doonanco, the current CAO of the Beaver Waste Management Centre, and his experience comes into play.

“The M.D. has always been in my heart, and I’ve always kept up with it,” said Doonanco.

“After you spend 30 years you feel like you’re a big part of it. And I said I’ll work as an interim until they find someone as a replacement.”

It was only a few weeks ago that Doonanco told the staff at the Waste Management he was retiring soon. Now he’ll be doing both jobs until the end of June, when he’s finished his original commitment. Afterwards he hopes he can remain “fully retired.”

“I’ve lived it for 30 years in that position..I know it’s changed a lot but I’m looking forward to it and I’m quite excited to be honest with you,” said Doonanco.

“He has 30 years experience with the MD,” said Sawchuk. “He’s known as a level-headed guy who’s able to make decisions, and he will fill the role nicely for us in the time being.”

The search for the long term CAO gets underway soon with the job posting going up shortly.

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